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TeamViewer’s free screen sharing tool is a simple tool that shares your desktop with other users and is available for Windows. With this service you can share your desktop view or others. Invited users can control other desktops according to their permission and give them the opportunity to assist users in using the screen (function () {(’review-app-page-desktop’);}); TeamViever is the perfect choice for anyone who needs remote access desktop tools as they are great for simple and quick tasks like IT help or live training. Whether for work or between friends and relatives, it’s a powerful tool in any online tool. The application covers almost all mobile devices and computer systems, so everyone can communicate with each other while they exchange files, chat and watch or work with computers. The displayed desktop background is always deleted for data protection reasons. TeamViever developers are constantly adding features and bug fixes to provide the highest level of usage without complicating the system. You’ll need to create a TeamViever account and go through a lengthy set-up process before you begin. Timely Setup Now that you’ve prepared the latest version of TeamViever for use, you need to move on to the long setup. This setting is required and should not be skipped as you will create an account or sign into an account during the process. If you use the service on both of your devices, you will need to repeat this setting unless you are using an account that you previously created. This allows you to see each device ID and pay attention to it in case you need it later. Connecting to Another Computer To connect to another computer, you need to know its TeamViever ID. To do this, go to the Allow remote control section and share temporary IDs and passwords to enable other computers to connect your desktop or your computer remote control when you want to access other computers. Various TeamViever modes are available for the computer remote control option. As the name suggests, you can manage other desktops, transfer files between devices, or create a VPN between the two of you. Meetings You can have a meeting or presentation, much like you make group Skype calls. Conference calls can be made by voice or video, and you can view drafts or files on the screen. There are several other benefits such as: For example, TeamVievers remote access and file sharing options. File transfer In the file transfer connection mode, you can send files between two devices that are connected via TeamViever. You can open this option from the Remote Control tab at the beginning of a connection or during a live session. Once you open File Transfer, you’ll see a window showing your files and the people you’re connecting to. You can use keyboard shortcuts or drag and drop tools to select files. All transactions are displayed in a dialog box and the file transfer can be stopped with the push of a buttonbecome. In TeamVievers VPN VPN mode, you can connect two computers as if they were sharing the same LAN. This can be used by players with titles like Minecraft to host their world. You can also print documents on a connected printer that uses other desktops. Both devices must go through the TeamViever installation process while the VPN option is enabled. If it is disabled on your computer during installation, you can enable it later if necessary. However, it may take a few seconds for the drive to install itself on your desktop. Alternative Uses If TeamViever isn’t your preferred option for file sharing, remote access, or use during meetings, here are some great alternatives that specialize in one area. Parsec was designed to make players think that two people can play the same local title for multiple players even if they are far apart. This is a well-designed remote approach where bowel control is always preferred. However, it doesn’t offer the ability to host on a low-end system. is the most popular file sharing application on mobile devices and can be used on both mobile devices and computers. It can transfer files at a speed faster than your internet download speed, and it can even share installed applications. LogMeIn Hamachi is a personal VPN service that does not require network reconfiguration. Setup is faster, but you may have to restart your computer before it starts. Skype is a great way to hold meetings online or remotely. You can make group calls with voice or video, and send messages in any file format. The maximum file size is 300 MB. However, it can take some time to become a good IT tool. TeamViever is a great tool for anyone who wants to connect to another computer or device even when it’s not nearby. It takes some time to complete but is well worth the time spent. Each device has its own ID and other users cannot connect without a temporary password. The service can also be used for meetings and presentations, so you can hold conference calls with anyone from anywhere. This makes the service a tool for individuals to share their ideas or business presentations with colleagues who are not attending face-to-face meetings.

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