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The free and wonderful Spotify music player is a free streaming service for music with a collection of songs, playlists, audiobooks, performances, poetry readings, radio artists and more! It includes algorithm-based recommendations, social network integration, on-demand streaming and the ability to play files available on your computer. Music apps are not limited to Windows and are also available for download on Android and macOS; What’s special about Spotify? Today, many programs offer on-demand streaming. What makes Spotify special is that it offers over 50 million songs that you can play from start to finish without paying anything! The free music application for Windows also offers audiobooks, comedy series, podcasts, radio stations, performances, poetry readings, etc. (function () {(’review-app-page-desktop’);}); However, the Spotify directory has some gaps, even though it is extensive. You may not find all the songs or albums from the artist, and it may even be difficult to find famous bands. But to address this shortcoming, Spotify offers users a radio station that makes it easier to find similar artists or songs. In addition, you can also use this section to learn more about your favorites; Intuitive and user-friendly interface Spotify’s desktop application has a clean and simple interface with three navigation options – Home, Overview, Search. The website consists of a horizontal list of playlists that are specifically recommended for each user. The section below consists of a list of recently played songs, as well as a panel with which you can edit. Like the website, the ”Browse” tab offers a wide selection of songs that you can search based on popularity, release date, genre and more. This section also covers music categories such as hip-hop, indie, rock, pop, summer, cool, dinner, which can be created by the user; DownloadsSpotify also includes a Discover tab that uses algorithms to display suggestions. The more you listen to music with this episode, the better! At the top of the page, you get access to Discover’s weekly playlist, which not only contains songs you’ve listened to but also adds a new playlist with the same song; Get access to your favorite songs quickly. Spotify for Windows has a small heart icon next to the title of any song, podcast or audiobook. To add all of this to your library (”Your Songs”), simply click on the heart icon and the content will immediately go to the artist’s radio. Finding new music is easier with Spotify! This is because this tool also contains a radio section showing various playlists. While some are new, others include songs similar to your favorite album or artist. Also, if you are listening to a particular song and want to find a playlist with similar style, you just need to click on available radio; Integrated with social networks. If you filled in a Spotify login with your Facebook account, the panel on the right shows a list of your friends along with the music they are exploring. In the same way, your music history is passed on to your friends, which you can easily avoid by choosing a personal session; Play local files The advantage of using Spotify in Windows instead of using Spotify web is that it first lets you play fileswhich are stored on your computer. The program also supports various file formats, so you can listen to songs regardless of whether the song is available in MP4, M4P and MP3 formats. The only limitation is that desktop applications cannot play M4A; Spotify for free? Yes, the basic Spotify plan is free, but it has its limitations. The free version allows users to listen to songs at a fast pace of 160 kbps, comes with banner ads and audio and does not offer download features. Other plans offered by music streaming providers are Spotify Premium, Family Plan, Spotify Duo, Student Plan and more. You can try any of these plans with a free trial. What is the best alternative to Spotify? Today, there are many streaming services with unique features. However, the best alternatives to Spotify are Apple iTunes Music, VLC Media Player and; Is it worth downloading Spotify? If you are looking for a good music player to help you find songs and podcasts, you should download Spotify. The free version of the program offers playlist sharing, algorithm-based suggestions, on-demand playback, social networking and more!

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