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Generate Digital License (HVID) without configuring / upgrading KMS or predecessor

In Windows 10, all systems, whether activated through either Windows 7 updates or purchased through retail or built-in BIOS or MSDM licenses, are converted to digital machine hardware-based licenses (HVID) . This license is stored on MS servers and includes this machine each time it is installed. Only hardware changes will revoke the license. If you link it to a Microsoft account (MSA), you can otherwise transfer it.

The process only needs to be done once per machine. For future installation, just skip the key questions (select ”I do not have a product key” during installation) and first, when it connects to the Internet, the MS server will re-register the HVID and enable automatic activation.

TO REMEMBER. If the audio licensed version is installed from VLSC or MVS Business ISO, you must set the default retail / OEM key to restore functionality.

In fact, it is very simple and does not interfere with any system files and leaks (* stolen lines).

Map formats are appropriately assigned to each version of the MS SKU, so that all of the following guide methods can be used. For easier activation, an automatic method is included that works with all versions of the MS SKU and is specially designed for the following versions:

Versions supported for Windows 10 (SKUs):

Primary (at home) (N)

Primary language (N)

Professional (N)

Vocational education (N)

Center for Professional Work (N)

Education (N)

Company (N)

EnterpriseS (N)


CRC32: 7FF5D4A8

MD5: 004FB289BB62686F6EF597922838FA7A

SHA-1: AE86149DDB2CB5524E595E0312D7FF20885B4E58

Total viruses: 3/64: # / file / d69e8ef9f38ec5281aae05c1b1cb8c9b6689759aec0135c5376d5bf33b703d92 / detection


  • HWIDGEN v0.9.1.1 (Windows 10 Activator) – SeuPirate download torrent

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