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GTA transfers it to ”The Hood” Grand Theft Auto: San Andreasis – the third 3D game in the GTA series, which has been running since the 80s Vice City in the hip-hop world in the 90s violence with hoods and bandits.

You play as Carl Johnson and return home to Los Santos 5 years later. Much has changed over the years and Carl tries to regain the reputation and influence of the gang. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas gameplay is a GTA classic – lots of movie scenes, a variety of missions, and lots of mini-games that are distributed over a free roaming sandbox (feature () {{’preview- app-page-desktop ’);} What’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is more than anything but a rock. It is extremely ambitious, located in a huge country that includes three big cities and a lot of countryside. The campaign is huge and there is still a lot to do. A Tale of Wealth of Wealth It may not be very original, but it is well told with excellent acting skills and a lot of memorable and hilarious characters. Race cars in the countryside can be quite slippery, for example building Carl’s lungs for scuba diving takes too long. Some missions are also a bit tiring, but they are overshadowed by Nike’s highlights of the game and lots of entertainment that can be had by traveling the country, enjoying the sights and creating Theft Auto: San Andreas – the cornerstone of sand games. It is a cruel and very big game for adults, and although the game has flaws, the overall success and fun of playing is almost invincible.

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