We want to do good!

For us at Umeå Tours, sustainability is important. What we humans today produce and consume makes an impression on the planet and the environment and we want to be involved and contribute to living within our and the planet’s assets. We want to help manage the resources that exist today for us and for future generations.

By choosing us, you benefit the local community. We want to be involved and contribute to discovering, creating knowledge and respect for our local nature and culture. For us, the climate issue is important and therefore we want to offer our guided tours as close to the city as possible to avoid unnecessary transport. Our goal is for more people to discover what is around Umeå and feel that they are part of this.

United Nations Sustainable Goals

We work with 3 of the 17 Global goals for a sustainable future:

11. Sustainable cities and communities
12. Responsible consumption and production
13. Climate action

We love trees!

Through the organization Absorb we plant trees – a good way absorbing Co2. So far (Autumn 2023) we planted 48 trees together with our participants!


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