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Umeå Tours is run by me, Tinna Sandström. I am born and raised in Umeå except for a number of years living in northern Germany and England. I have always loved Umeå’s obviousness to the nature experience around the corner and its widespread cultural life that I am now and want to be a part of.

Over the years, I discovered the joy of what other places and cultures have to offer and have built up a great curiosity in discovering other places. That is why I started reading the tourism program at Umeå University and in 2012 I got a bachelor’s degree in cultural geography. Through SveGuide, I trained the following year as an authorized guide and have been active in the hospitality industry and as a guide since then.

What drives me is the sense of discovery many people have in visiting new places. My passion lies in getting people to understand the place – in my case this progressive city in the northern parts of Sweden.

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